I’m a busy girl…but not like you think.


A few weeks ago, I took a leap of faith and started this blog and our Facebook page.  As you can imagine, there have been quite a few hurdles for us since then. To get a better understanding of one aspect of the chronic illness life, I’d like to share my appointment book with you. Below are the months of March, April and May.



Looks busy, huh? Take a look closer and you will see the majority are doctor’s appointments. There are many that have yet to be scheduled for the end of April and into May. I see my therapist (mental health) once a week. I schedule the following week’s appointment after each session. I will also be scheduling physical therapy for twice a week through the end of May. That’s about 15 more appointments to be added to the books. 15!

It’s exhausting. There are other factors to consider: insomnia, fatigue, pain, anemia, brain fog, etc. On bad brain fog days, I don’t even like to drive. Unfortunately, I don’t have a choice. I put the work in on my part because I want to feel better. Sometimes the only thing I can physically and emotionally do is get to my appointment and back home. That leaves minimal time for much else…but that’s another topic I plan to explore at a later time.

In closing, my point is to show you why I’ve yet to really post anything between here and our Facebook page. I have a really long entry that I am working on and am excited to finish, but the topic is emotionally draining and I’m sure I am being overly critical of my writing and experience.

So, let’s talk! How often do you go to the doctor? How many doctors make up your team? Have you had trouble finding a doctor that’s the ‘right fit’? How do you deal with the constant doctor’s appointments, labs, scans, etc.?